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A 30-something from sunny Singapore who's tried her hand at lots of things, such as selling skin care & make-up, working in a (boring) corporate setting, trying to carve a singing career, giving private tuition, being a fitness instructor, writing/editing etc...

Besides exasperating her parents to no end, she loves experimenting with new make-up looks, uncovering the best make-up & skin care products, modelling for herself before the camera, singing at the top of her lungs (with preferably no one to hear it), and writing whatever, whenever (as you can already tell).


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Social media writing: Yun Nam Hair Care’s Facebook & Instagram calendar (Jun 2016-Jan 2017)

Hello beautiful! Vesak Day is just around the corner, so you’re probably in a holiday mood already (like I am)… Today, I have more social media writing in my portfolio to share.

Part of my work as a full-time copywriter with Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management & New York Skin Solutions from mid-2015 to early 2017 was being in charge of the social media calendar content. Copywriters for those brands were leaned on heavily to create content socially, which included choosing and buying stock images and crafting accompanying text and hashtags.

Here was what I worked on for about 8 months during my tenure as Copywriter for Yun Nam Hair Care (Facebook posts were cross-posted to Instagram from September 2016 onwards):

27 Jan 2017: Happy Chinese New Year to everybirdy out there!


20 Jan 2017: Tearing your hair out over hair loss?


12 Jan 2017: Get bangs on-trend with these styles & colours for 2017!


6 Jan 2017: Take control of your hair destiny in the New Year!


30 Dec 2016: Time for a reality check. Was 2016 a good hair year for you?


22 Dec 2016: Your body is ready for Christmas. Is your hair ready?


9 Dec 2016: What to do when your hair woes are the root of your problems.


2 Dec 2016: Perfect that hair flip as you head into 2017 with the trendiest styles!


23 Nov 2016: Get treated with TCM herbs fit for an emperor!


15 Nov 2016: Prevention may be better than hoping for a cure in the case of hair loss


11 Nov 2016: Myth or Fact—Does washing hair less often help mitigate hair loss?


4 Nov 2016: Don’t get stranded with excessive hair loss—Act before it’s too late.


28 Oct 2016: Stressful lifestyles in SG mean young adults are no longer immune to hair loss.


21 Oct 2016: Experience Panax ginseng, the wonder herb for hair, skin & health today


14 Oct 2016: Go natural when it comes to taking care of your hair


7 Oct 2016: Take a leaf out of Selena Gomez’s book when it comes to fall hair colour trends!


29 Sept 2016: Stay ahead of postnatal hair loss with these tips & tricks


23 Sept 2016: Let the herbal hair care expert help with your hair problems


16 Sept 2016: Don’t let dandruff make you look over your shoulder at every turn


12 Sept 2016: Beat the greying with effective scalp massages & customised herbal treatments


2 Sept 2016: It’s all unicorns, rainbows & candy floss until you experience hair loss.

Facebook posts before Sept 2016

26 Aug 2016: New mums, tame your mane with these tips


19 Aug 2016: Va va voom hair is a must-have for blissful brides!


12 Aug 2016: Tight buns on your head can make your hair fall out, literally.


5 Aug 2016: Fast hair growth is the name of the game.


1 Aug 2016: Sponsored ad—Thick, healthy hair fast with Herbal HairGro


29 Jul 2016: Treat any hair problem with customised herbal hair treatments


22 Jul 2016: Avoid these mistakes that could cost you your precious hair


15 Jul 2016: Eat your way to bodacious hair like Beyonce’s or Kim K’s


8 Jul 2016: Own that head of luscious locks pronto with these tips


1 Jul 2016: Something’s brewing for amazing hair health


24 Jun 2016: Take stock of your lifestyle habits first when resolving hair problems


17 Jun 2016: Eliminate trial & error with customised herbal hair care


10 Jun 2016: Deep cleansing your scalp to remove product residue is important in hair loss prevention


Writing: Facebook posts for Fujitsu Lifebook Malaysia/Asia (Aug 2013-Jan 2014)

Hello everybody, this post continues from the last two where I featured Facebook page feed posts. This time, I had worked with Noisy Crayons in the later half of 2013 to develop the social media calendar for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Malaysia, now called Fujitsu Asia Pacific PC.

2013 was an interesting year, because I took the earlier half year off to try to get an online cosmetics business up and running. As you can imagine, starting your own business was difficult, not the least of which was because of the strict policies HSA has in place for cosmetics, as well as shipping nail polishes internationally since they are considered flammable liquids.

I digress. Strangely enough, even though this was an IT -based feed, I had a lot of fun coming up with the content of the posts, especially the Trivia posts that featured movies, popular computer games, and even TV shows. For this page, I had full admin control, which meant written and approved content went out as is (or was), and I also helped to field comments and messages by liaising with the client via Noisy Crayons:

January 2014 posts

December 2013 posts

November 2013 posts

October 2013 posts

September 2013 posts

August 2013 posts

Writing: Facebook posts for Marshall Cavendish Education (Oct 2012-Feb 2013)

Heya everyone, hope you are keeping well! I have been devoting lots of time to sorting my portfolio, especially since the works I have done in the last 5 years have been predominantly digital, like Facebook page posts for various companies in the beauty, education and IT sectors.

Today, I finally discovered a method to curate super old posts of a Facebook page feed, as a lot of the social media work I have done was between 2011 and 2014.

So, I present to you, the Facebook posts I had helped to research and write for Marshall Cavendish Education from October 2012 to February 2013, under their social media agency Noisy Crayons (this particular set of posts were slightly edited as they were posted by the Page Manager but the post ideas were mine):

October 2012 posts

I have to make a special mention of the FoxTrot and Albert Einstein’s riddles, as these were things I came across and put aside in my little binder of ideas. I’d dare say that it’s comics and riddles like these that help to make learning fun while we also use supplements from sites as buy-modafinil-online.org to help with this, then you can see from the comments that the audience agrees with me too!

Writing: Facebook posts for Beauty Bistro (Feb 2011-Feb 2012)

Hello lovelies! How are you doing in this sweltering heat? To be honest, I’d much rather take hot weather than rainy weather any day! Ok I digress…

My first foray into social media writing started with a beauty company in Singapore Beauty Bistro, who hired me for a retainer in 2011 to help write and post Facebook and Twitter feed posts, blog product reviews, liaise with bloggers for reviews and events, some event management, and edit/write product packaging and website descriptions (which was heavy-duty work).

Beauty Bistro underwent a e-commerce shop revamping, for which I also helped to edit their descriptions on-site towards the end of 2011/beginning of 2012, when they rolled out their revamped website. A lot of the FB links are dead links due to the move to a new website, but ah well, you can at least see the amount of work that went into the writing of the Facebook posts themselves.

Here are the Facebook posts I helped write and post for their page from February 2011 to February 2012, before I began my contract work with Comwerks/Wunderman under WPP to develop eCitizen portal commissioned by IDA:

February 2012 posts

That’s me in the middle photo of the right column! I was probably the ambassador that blogged the most number of posts!

November-December 2011 posts

A quick look at the revamped website which I helped edit/write for the many products they stock on-site:

October 2011 posts

September 2011 posts

August 2011 posts

July 2011 posts

June 2011 posts

May 2011 posts

April 2011 posts

Feb-March 2011 posts

These posts were not written by me (I took over posting on the page only in March 2011), but the blog reviews that the posts link to were written by me:

Time to get Juicy!

So I seem to be late in the game of getting decked out in plush velour tracksuits, but preparing to go to sub-20-degree-Celsius weather in Hong Kong earlier this year meant warmer togs. And I did think about working out when I was there, although it wasn’t meant to be because my nose was all stuffed up, and the trip was soooo short.

Anyhow, what inspired this sudden desire to get my hands on some Juicy Couture? I think this was a culmination of seeing Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) of Desperate Housewives, and then Hilda Suarez (Ana Ortiz) of Ugly Betty sitcoms looking so hot in their velour tracksuits… I started thinking, Was this a Latino thing?! (And you know I have a thing for Latino culture, language, songs, fashion & all :P)

Image of Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives set in Nov, 2009, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net

Ooh love this rich emerald green shade of velour tracksuit on Eva Longoria, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net

A conversation later with my sis confirmed this, because she talked about J Lo with her signature velour tracksuit look (how could I not know something like this!):

J Lo donning a baggy tracksuit for Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival

It didn’t help that my previous workplace had a Juicy Couture outlet that I was always unwittingly walking by and wondering about those designer tracksuit prices…

So on one fine day, I decided to spend my lunch hour trying on some velour tracksuits. I picked out a royal blue tracksuit, after the salesgirl so kindly recommended my jacket and pants sizes:

I swear the middle finger was a Freudian slip reflecting my opinion of the price tag

This set was retailing for a whopping SGD337, even after discount! I went home and started doing my research on the USA website of Juicy Couture. I was signed up as a newsletter subscriber, so I was aware of the kinds of huge discounts the website was running from time to time.

A quick calculation helped me see that buying Juicy Couture directly from its USA website, and having it shipped via a forwarding company (vPost was my choice) would still be cheaper than buying from the outlet in Singapore. With that in mind, I took the plunge a coupla months ago!

Juicy Couture envelope with return shipping label and order form

In my mind, I told myself that for that kind of price tag, I’d better be able to choose a great colour that really complemented my skin tone. Something like a peacock teal, a sangria red-pink, or even cobalt blue… In the end, I opted for the Logo Velour Crystal Couture Westwood Jacket in S and Logo Velour Crystal Couture Zuma Pant in XS, both in peacock colour. I would’ve opted for a bootcut style pant, but they didn’t have the size and colour I wanted 🙁

The bill came up to SGD230 (USD156), with an additional SGD28+ for the vPost shipping. I ordered it on 22 Jan, and it arrived at the PopStation of my choice by 2 Feb!

My crystal velour Juicy Couture picks in peacock teal

I would have liked the jacket to fit more snugly, so I went back to the outlet to try a jacket in size XS, as well as the pants in both sizes XS and S. The only difference in the XS and S sizes of the jackets seemed to be in the length. They both fit nearly the same around my torso, with the XS being shorter in length, hitting my torso above the waist of the pants. I preferred the jacket to hit a little below the waistline of the pants so I think S was a better fit. I could wear both XS and S of the pants as well, but S was a little roomier around the butt and legs. I was worried that S would slip down if I decided to work out in it, as it was a drawstring elasticised waist. Hence it was an XS for me.

Juicy Couture crystal logo emblazoned across the pant leg

I don’t have a photo of the crystal logo emblazoned across the back of the jacket, but you get the idea. It’s so thrilling to be able to embody some Latina chic in my own very virgin set of Juicy Couture. My sister told me that Topshop was working with Juicy Couture to put out velour tracksuits, including a maroon (a colour I was hoping to get besides the teal) set which retails for GBP160 (hoodie) + GBP129 (joggers), putting the set at SGD500+! Ok that’s madness. I think I’m good for now.. Otherwise, like I said, sangria or cobalt blue (lazuli on the website) would be my next colour picks!

So go forth and juicy on, people xx