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Dr Young 2p Blemish Base Review

Dr Young’s 2p Blemish Base comes in a generous silver squeeze tube containing 60 ml for S$32.90, which was a real steal to me. Apart from the hygienic packaging, I like its refreshing chrysanthemum scent, being partial to the tea myself 🙂

This BB cream glides over my skin effortlessly, and it’s best applied with fingers. No need for sponges, no hassle at all!

It comes in only one shade though, as this product is meant for fairer skins (and I qualify!) If you are darker skinned, Dr Young has an alternative BB cream solution for you too: the 2p Pearl Brightening Balm, that promises to brighten dark, dull skin tones.

As for this 2p BB cream that I’m reviewing here, I’ve found to my delight that it also brightens my skin. Its peachy, dewy finish makes me look fresh and glowing—which lady doesn’t want to look like that? 😉 Although it feels light on the skin without any trace of stickiness, it offers greater coverage than I expected, concealing my dark eye circles and blemishes effectively. Some ‘before‘ and ‘after‘ photos (not retouched at all, hence the lighting disparity):

I love this! My skin colour may be closer to the Nanoce BB moist cream No. 1 Natural Ochre (I’ve even tried mixing Nanoce’s two shades to match my skin colour but No. 1 is still closest; scroll up to compare the shades), and the undertones of this BB cream gravitate towards the peach-pink side, but I found myself reaching for this over and over again! I figure that I can always use loose powder with yellow undertones, like T. LeClerc’s Banane loose powder, to correct this; in any case I personally feel it’s not that obvious.

I think it’s because I really love how this BB cream looks and feels on my skin (Nanoce BB cream has a thicker consistency with more of a matte finish), and I am very certain this product does not break me out, after repeated use. Oh yes, did I mention it also contains SPF 35 PA++? I’ll be repurchasing this for sure! 😀

Here’s how my make-up looks with Dr Young’s 2p Blemish Base as base (this is a night shot):

A day make-up shot with Dr Young’s 2p BB cream as well as Pore Eraser Balm as my make-up base:

Read more about Dr Young 2p Blemish Base here
Read my review on Dr Young Pore Eraser Balm here

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P.S. The opinions I expressed in the Nanoce BB moist cream review still stand. I had reviewed the product before getting my hands on Dr Young’s 2p BB cream, and each product has its strengths. After trying both though, I must admit I prefer the consistency and look of Dr Young’s 2p BB cream, but I still go for Nanoce BB cream on days I want my face colour to match my neck more closely 🙂 Someone who prefers a more matte look will certainly opt for the Nanoce BB moist cream as her choice.

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