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DOT.DOT Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Review

When I got my hands on DOT.DOT Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette that’s received rave reviews on Taiwan’s beauty programme Queen / 女人我最大 (Nǚ Rén Wǒ Zuì Dà), I couldn’t wait to see the different kinds of looks I could create with the colours! For only S$29.90, I thought this was really value-for-money, as most eyeshadow palettes would cost in the range of $50–$100. It comes in a pretty pink black box that really reminds me of those days when airlines give out folding Chinese Checkers/Ludo games:

Dot.Dot Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Dot.Dot Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Colours

Open Sesame! This nifty mirrored compact opens to reveal 7 delectable shades (6 shimmer powders & 1 cream eyeshadow) in two tiers (the upper tier slides outwards). Also included are an eyeshadow brush and a sponge wand for easier application.

From Left to Right: Dark Blue shimmer, Silver Grey shimmer, Metallic Light Copper shimmer, Pearl White shimmer, Peppermint Green shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Deep Chocolate Brown (cream)

Here’s a look at the swatches on my hand:
Swatches on my hand

Most of the colours in this pan are high in shimmer, which is ideal for night make-up and partying. But that said, nowadays gals are getting more adventurous with their eye make-up, so shimmer’s becoming a day-wear staple as well.

Some interesting points I noted about the colours:
1) Gold shimmer has glitter chips in it that look really spectacular!
2) Pearl White looks cream-coloured in the pan, but spreads on as a soft white, ideal as a base colour.
3) Dark Blue and Deep Chocolate Brown (a dusky brown) are the most pigmented and the darkest shades in the palette, so it’s best to be light-handed and blend well when using them.
4) Peppermint Green is more of a cool, muted green.

Texture-wise, I like the fact that the colours show up easily when applied, as they are all highly pigmented. I find the powders finely milled, so it’s not surprising to get some fall-out, but they feel really luxurious on my skin. The chocolate cream shadow is also very soft and spreads easily. 🙂

Before I show you the looks I created with this palette, I’ll start by giving a primer on the parts of the eye that I’ll be referring to when describing the make-up steps:

Parts of Right eye

Note: While Caucasians tend to refer to the “crease” and “eye socket” interchangeably, this is because they have deep-set eyes, so their crease is the same as their eye socket. For most Asians, this is not so, and for me, my crease is where my double eyelid is, but my eye socket is way above the crease.

Look 1: I paired 2 eyeshadow colours, Silver Grey & Pearl White, for this look:

How to get this look:
1. I brushed Pearl White over my entire eyelid as the base colour.
2. Then using the eyeshadow brush, I accentuated the outer corners of my eyes with Silver Grey, blending inwards and upwards to my eye socket and along the crease. The trick is to blend with the Pearl White.
3. Finish off with Pearl White at the inner corners of the eyes, halfway along the lower lash line, and in the centre of the eyelids.

Look 2: This is a modified Look 1, a “smoky-eye” created with 3 colours: Pearl White (highlighter), Silver Grey (lid colour) & Dark Blue (outer corners).

How to get this look:
1. This is similar to Look 1, except now I added Dark Blue to the outer corners of the eyes, blending upwards and inwards towards eye socket, to create a more smoky-eyed effect. Just remember to be light-handed when using Dark Blue, so that it’s easier to blend in with the Silver Grey.

2. Here, I also used DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dark Grey to line my eyes, and I’ve found it great to cover the ugly white lash glue (for my false eyelashes) that shows up all too readily at the inner corners of my eyes! Review of that here 😉

Look 3: I used 4 shades to achieve this multi-dimensional look: Gold Shimmer, Light Copper, Silver Grey, Dark Blue. Essentially, I was trying to follow this look: Beauty Bistro’s Eyeshadow Look 2

How to get this look:
1. Highlight brow bone with Gold Shimmer.
2. Work the inner eye corners and lower lash line with Light Copper.
3. Silver Grey was then applied below eye socket and along crease towards centre of the lids, blending outwards to outer corners.
4. Dark Blue was used here as eyeliner. Again, blend in so that the colours transition well into one another without any ugly harsh lines.

Are u exhausted yet? There are just so many looks you can create with this palette of 7 colours!

Look 4: This one was created with 4 colours: Pearl White, Gold Shimmer, Light Copper & Deep Chocolate Brown cream. Yes, I was trying to get this look: Beauty Bistro’s Eyeshadow Look 3

How to get this look:
1. Apply Pearl White as highlighter on brow bone.
2. Accentuate inner corners of eyes with Gold Shimmer.
3. Blend in Light Copper on entire eyelids upwards and outwards towards eye socket.
4. Dab a little Deep Chocolate Brown cream eyeshadow at outer corners of eyes (also a little just below lower lash line at outer corners), blending upwards towards socket, but be light-handed as the dusky dark brown is densely pigmented.

Look 5: I used 3 colours to achieve this look: Light Copper, Peppermint Green & Gold Shimmer.

How to get this look:
1. Gold Shimmer is used as a highlighter for the brow bone, right below my eyebrows.
2. I then applied Light Copper at the inner corners, working outwards to the centre of my eyelids, as well as below lower lash line.
3. Peppermint Green was dabbed at outer corners of eyes, wrapping around my outer eyelids towards eye socket.
4. Blend with Light Copper, and dab some Gold Shimmer in the centre of eyelids. The key to great eye make-up is blend, blend, blend!
5. I also lined my eyes for this look with Dot.Dot Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dark Grey. Its review here.

Here are some make-up-in-progress shots, using the eyeshadow tools provided in the compact:

Applying Gold Shimmer at inner corners of eyes with the eyeshadow brush provided.

Applying Deep Chocolate Brown cream eyeshadow with the sponge-tip wand provided.

Before I sign off, be sure you are getting the authentic DOT.DOT/SHILLS product, which comes with the round silver sticker that looks like this under different lighting:

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