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DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Dark Grey) Review

I’ve always wanted a grey eyeliner AND a gel eyeliner. I’ve heard lots about gel eyeliners on the market, but just never got a chance to try it for myself (I know what you’re thinking… :P).

So when I found out Beauty Bistro retails not only one, but TWO gel eyeliner colours (dark grey & purple), I jumped for joy!

(I couldn’t resist; do you see the pretty scintillating “diamond” at the top of the packaging that reflects light in different ways? ;))

Some background: I used to be a pencil eyeliner person, but have found over time that pencil goes on too light for my liking, as if I haven’t lined my eyes at all. Add to that, it’s even more frustrating to get a nice, conspicuous line when the pencil tip isn’t so well-sharpened. This is what I mean:

How Pencil Eyeliner looks on my eyes

Then I ventured into liquid pen liners. The effect is dramatic, especially in black, but it’s just not for the faint-hearted, or the wobbly-handed. A makeup novice trying her hand (literally) at a polished eyeliner definition will need lots of time and patience (not to mention a very steady hand) to perfect it! Here’s my attempt (note the difference in line thickness on left and right eyes):

How Pencil Eyeliner looks on my eyes

I’ve also tried using dark eyeshadow powders applied wet with an angled tip brush to define my eyes, but even that takes time, and it’s definitely not what I’d reach for when I’m in a hurry (which is almost always!). Also, the line ends up not being as fine:

Powder eyeshadow applied wet as eyeliner

So in comes DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dark Grey.

Here’s a look at how the different eyeliners stack up against one another on my hand (the top two lines show the varying thickness I can achieve with the DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Dark Grey) plus brush):
How the different eyeliners compare

At first, I hesitated to use it on my rush-out-make-up do, but I’m glad I did! The brush that comes with this is fine-tipped and flat, so it’s as easy to control as a pencil liner, but the end result looks finer and more polished than pencil liners and eyeshadows-used-as-eyeliner combined! (Scroll down for Before/After pics)

The gel texture is soft and easy to dip into. You can control the amount you apply by simply wiping excess eyeliner at the sides of the pot before lining your eyes. The best part about this gel liner is, I find it quick and easy to get it right on my first try, so you don’t need to keep practising your steady hand (like for liquid pen liners)! I also like it because it doesn’t overpower the rest of your eye make-up like black liquid liners! 🙂

My personal preference is to line the inner rim of my lower eyelids (often called the “waterline”) as it’s usually hard to get a nice thin line along my lower lash line without it looking weird or out of place. I’ve found this easy to do with this gel liner so that’s another plus point for me!

A close-up of me applying this gel liner:
Gel Eyeliner-in-progress shot

Here are some Before/After pics:

Dark grey is the right colour and intensity to match most eyeshadow looks, whether you’re going for pretty spring/summer pastels, muted neutrals, shimmery make-up or a smoky eye look (check out the various eyeshadow looks you see in this post here: DOT.DOT Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette Review). If you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s always DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Purple (which is going at a special rate). Another great tip I stumbled upon with this gel liner is you can line over ugly white eyelash adhesive glue traces so that your false eyelashes stick and yet look fabulous!

Oh yes, one last thing: DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dark Grey’s long-lasting, and doesn’t run or disappear even when I cry during church services. 😉 I’m definitely gonna repurchase this (if I actually come to the end of the pot, that is)!

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