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A 30-something from sunny Singapore who's tried her hand at lots of things, such as selling skin care & make-up, working in a (boring) corporate setting, trying to carve a singing career, giving private tuition, being a fitness instructor, writing/editing etc...

Besides exasperating her parents to no end, she loves experimenting with new make-up looks, uncovering the best make-up & skin care products, modelling for herself before the camera, singing at the top of her lungs (with preferably no one to hear it), and writing whatever, whenever (as you can already tell).


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Make-Up Wish List

Suddenly my world’s exploded with colour again! 😀 The last time I felt like this must have been when I was in my teens, having lots of fun painting the town red. I’m having my second wind!

Lately, I’ve been reading lotsa reviews online, and also got myself the Watsons Card, which the counter gals have been pushing to me forever. Since it’s just $5 for lifetime membership, hey why not? I get to earn and redeem points too! (No, Watsons isn’t paying me to say this.)

Anyhow, these are some of my shortlisted wants:

1. Hyper Diamonds eyeshadow palette in GY-1

When I first saw this pic, my jaw dropped. I was stunned by the gradation of greys! I’ve loved grey eyeshadows like forever! Doncha just lurrve how uber pretty it looks?

2. Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black (since I’ve got my DOT.DOT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Dark Grey hee hee :P)

I’m a gel eyeliner convert. Read my review here to see why I love gel liners over pencil and liquid liners!

KATE by Kanebo
1. Gel eyeshadows. I am a sucker for all things non-powder, and have been scouring high and low for gel/liquid/cream eyeshadows for a while now!

I tried all 8 shades on my hand but have no swatches to show for it. However, my fave must be BR-2, since I don’t quite own a hue of a brown like it, although I must say I am rather tempted by the pastel shades, PK-1, BG-1 and PU-1, as well as the taupe GY-1!

1. I came across the Shimmery Jelly Eyes and was instantly drawn to the emerald green Frozen Melon and Strawberry Parfait pink (even the names sound so delish, yummm…) shades, but I must say the stuff smells a tad pungent for my liking.

The inspiration behind this is (picture taken from Confessions of a Beautyholic blog) :

Do you think I can replicate that effect (which was created by an eleven-year-old) with those Shimmery Jelly Eyes? Someone please tell me!

2. Then while trawling the net for reviews of the Shimmery Jelly Eyes, I found that CANMAKE also has JewelStar Eye Jelly which is supposedly some gel-textured eyeshadows, and I’m so gonna check them out the next time I set foot in Watsons!

I am really interested in the green, blue and purple shades (no prizes for guessing why; hint: picture below). I’ve been finding my eyeshadow skills too elementary (the eye looks in this post tell it all); it’s time to up the ante, baby! Leaving you with this gorgeous ad showcasing even more gorgeous eyeshadow art:

4 comments to Make-up Wish List

  • Hi Louisa, I can’t remember on top of my head all colours she used on me, as she was the one doing my make up (and I had my eyes closed!). I remember she used the 88 palette from Coastal Scents and Storm palette from Sleek.

  • louisakoh

    Hallo! THank u so much for your very prompt reply. Hope it was ok that I displayed a pic of yours here in my post. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  • Hi Louisa,

    Have you tried Hues Cosmetics?

  • Louisa Koh

    Hi Claudia, thank u for dropping by and commenting. No, I haven’t tried Hues Cosmetics but it looks popular though. What’s good from the line?

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