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Review: SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier (or Clarifying Solution)

Can night-time skin care be a bed of roses?

If you’re anything like me (read my previous entry here where I talked about my crazy skin care regime), you’d get a little lazy especially during the times when you come home with all that gunk on your face and just feel like slumping straightaway into bed. You mean you’re not like that *throws over a disbelieving look*?! 😮

No sweat, SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier comes to the rescue!

SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifying Solution

What exactly is it?

This product is described as a “water-based, oil-free make-up remover and clarifier. With enchanting rose essential oil and herbal extracts that work together to tone, clean, hydrate, brighten and clarify skin in just one simple step. Make-up remover, deep cleansing wash, skin exfoliation, skin conditioning and repair, 5 effects in 1. Suitable for use as a temporary toner. Ideal for travel use.”

More shots of this product:

It’s been a month since I got it and I’m nearly halfway through the bottle! Look at the suds in the bottle, which carries the authentic SHILLS sticker at the bottom right. Some Before/After pics:

True to its claim, I don’t find it soapy or oily when I wipe down my face, and SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifying Solution does a great job of taking off make-up relatively quickly. In just 3–4 cotton pads, my entire face is free from make-up. What’s also good about this product is that it’s contact-lens friendly and delicate enough for use on my lips. On the nights when I loathe to leave my room to go to the bathroom, this is an all-in-one where I can cleanse my face, and use it in place of my crazy AHA/serum/moisturiser/Retin-A regime before bed. Also, this is great for travelling when you can’t afford to haul your entire arsenal of skin care products that keep your skin happy before bed.

Of course, I’ve always believed an all-in-one (just like all-in-one shampoos) is never as good as the separate products combined, but it’s good enough for the lazy nights (which can happen fairly often for the busy career woman) and certainly better than sleeping with your make-up on (a BIG no-no)!

A look at the cotton pad after 1 wipe on the right side of my face:

SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier contains many natural herbal ingredients like forsythia suspensa fruit extract, saururus chinensis leaf extract, morus alba root extract, cucumber extract, French rose oil, French rose floral water, and bioecolia.

Forsythia suspensa fruit extract is an antioxidant used in anti-acne formulations; Saururus chinensis leaf extract is a skin-conditioning and protecting antimicrobial astringent; Morus alba root extract has traditionally been used as a whitening agent due to its arbutin content; Cucumber extract is a natural astringent with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, removes dead skin cells and clears pores of acne-causing sebum; Bioecolia is a natural sugar complex that inhibits growth of bacteria.

For the benefits of French rose oil and French rose floral water (also known as French rose hydrosol), read my review on SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner, another great product from SHILLS that contains the wonderful goodness of French roses!

And oh, I’ve even found another great use for the SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifying Solution. You know how you need to get make-up off your brushes in a jiffy for use the next day before your proper brush-cleansing ritual? It’s icky to use your brushes with all that older make-up on it, esp when you are trying different colours on different days! Look how efficient this is in removing make-up for your brushes, sponge-tip applicators and even lash combs:

Sponge wand comes clean after 1 wipe

No wonder my SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifying Solution is running out so quickly LOL 😛

Get SHILLS 5-in-1 Rose Essential Deep Clarifier at S$28.90 for 250 ml or 8.8 fl. oz from Beauty Bistro’s website or at John Little, OG, Sasa and selected Guardian pharmacies in Singapore.

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