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SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner Review

Stop and Smell The Roses

I’ve always had this long-time love affair with rose water toning lotions. Ever since I was first introduced to one when I took a deportment course in my teenage years, I’ve loved how it smelt and felt on my skin.

Fast-forward some 18 years later, my 30-something skin is now dehydrated and lacklustre most times if I don’t pay special attention to it. And that “special attention” means a skin care regime of at least 7 or 8 steps twice a day, thanks to my dermatologist!

So while my crazy skin care regime in the mornings and nights doesn’t include a toner for some strange unknown reason, I still reminisce about the days of using my rose water toner… and guess what I found on Beauty Bistro’s website: SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner! And look! Even famous Singapore make-up artist Andy Lee recommends it. Must try!

SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner

I like to use this product primarily as a hydrating mask once or twice a week (or more often when my skin thirsts for more hydration), and as a refreshing spritz to set my make-up or wake up my tired skin throughout the day. If you read the product description here, this toner is actually recommended for use as a mask too! When I do remember to use it as a toner in my *ahem* regimen, I like to pat the liquid directly on my skin instead of using a cotton pad, as I find the wiping motion a tad drying on my skin.

How to use it as a mask: I buy those plain mask sheets that have not been pre-soaked with any essence from Sasa (or Muji). I sprinkle a generous amount of SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner all over the folded mask (it’s easier to sprinkle lotion on the sheet when it’s folded), unfold it, and spread it over my face. You can also buy compressed plain mask sheets, and soak the compressed sheets with the toner first before unfolding the mask. Leave the mask on for 10–20 minutes before removing.

Plain mask sheet from Sasa

Me enjoying the hydrating mask

After the mask: My skin feels really moist, soft and comfortable, and best of all, it smells of lovely roses! Heavenly! The mask doesn’t irritate my skin at all (unlike other sheet masks I’ve tried). I even soak 2 cotton pads with the SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner and place them over my eyes as a relaxing and moisturizing eye mask (see pic below), and find it gentle and kind for my ultra sensitive eyes as well! Love it!

Me enjoying the hydrating mask with eye pads

Some Before/After Mask pics—you can see my skin was clearly dry before, but plumped up/hydrated afterwards:

As a pick-me-up/make-up setting spray: I decant some SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner (remember to first remove the inner stopper cap before pouring) into a portable spritz bottle, which I carry with me for a quick pick-me-up. Remember the famous Evian brumisateur that you carry around with you? This one’s even better: You get a toner/moisture mask/brumisateur all in one, and you can choose however way you want to use it, whenever!

Decanting SHILLS toner into spritz bottle

Setting my make-up with my newly created spritz:
Setting my make-up with my newly created spritz

Last but not least, I want to make a special mention about the ingredients. Most of this product’s ingredients are natural botanical extracts, like green tea, licorice root extract (or dipotassium glycyrrhizate), guarana fruit extract, chamomile extract, French rose oil and French rose hydrosol (or French rose floral water). It even contains panthenol, a form of Vitamin B that penetrates deep into your skin layers to infuse moisture, diminish wrinkles and help rebuild your skin!

Here are some of the benefits of these natural botanical extracts:
Green tea: Lightens/whitens skin colour, rejuvenates skin cells, increases skin elasticity and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Licorice root extract: Improves the appearance of dry/damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, is an anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and skin soothing capabilities, and a potential skin lightening/brightening agent that prevents hyper-pigmentation.

Guarana fruit extract: Rich in caffeine, it has lipolytic (breakdown of fat), astringent and toning properties, helping to reduce puffiness around eyes and break down excess fat around the neck and chin areas.

Chamomile extract: Reduces skin inflammation and soothes skin rashes (including eczema), minor burns and sunburn, also helps soothe tired and irritated eyes. Promotes relaxation and relieves stress just like the kratom pills.

French rose oil: Rose essential oil is most notably used for creating a sense of well-being, relaxation and frequently happiness. In addition to driving away melancholy and reducing strife, it is wonderfully fragrant.

French rose hydrosol: Helping to balance the pH of the skin, rose water has natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in vitamin C & A, and anti-oxidants that refresh tired skin to give you a glowing complexion. It is a natural astringent with hydrating and rejuvenating properties.

SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner retails online via BeautyBistro.com or at John Little, OG, Sasa and selected Guardian pharmacies, at S$26.90 for 250 ml or 8.8 fl. oz. I’d definitely repurchase! 🙂

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