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SHILLS Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray

A 30-something from sunny Singapore who's tried her hand at lots of things, such as selling skin care & make-up, working in a (boring) corporate setting, trying to carve a singing career, giving private tuition, being a fitness instructor, writing/editing etc...

Besides exasperating her parents to no end, she loves experimenting with new make-up looks, uncovering the best make-up & skin care products, modelling for herself before the camera, singing at the top of her lungs (with preferably no one to hear it), and writing whatever, whenever (as you can already tell).


louisa [at] louisakoh [dot] com

Recent Beauty Hauls

I bought quite a number of beauty products over the last coupla months, so I thought I’d organise my thoughts & purchases aloud here:

Facial/Eye Masks
1) Silk Whitia Hanfang Moisture Hydrating Mask (1 sheet)
2) My Beauty Diary (MBD) Natto masks (3 sheets)
3) MBD Platinum Nanocolloid masks (3 sheets)
4) Love More Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Moisturizing Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
5) Love More French Provence Lavender Nighttime Whitening Mask (1 sheet + 1 box of 5 sheets)
6) Watsons Lingzhi Eye Masks (Buy 1 box Get 1 free, 12 pairs in total)
7) SHILLS EX Peptide Lifting Eye Mask (2 boxes of 7 pairs/box)
8) Love More Electric Ore Firming Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
9) Love More White Crystal & Platinum Whitening Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
10) Love More Alps Spring & Phytoncide Moisturizing Mask (1 sheet)
11) Love More Camellia & Tourmaline Whitening Mask (1 sheet)
12) SexyLook Super Moisturizing Duo Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
UPDATE on 4 June, 2011:
Imagine my delight when I saw these babies sold by the sheet on the display rack at the front of Sasa NEX:
13) SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
14) SexyLook Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
15) SexyLook Intensive Firming Duo Lifting Mask (1 sheet)
16) SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask (1 sheet)

Read Kathi from Lotuspalace’s glowing review here

BB Creams
1) L’egere White Multi BB Cream (SPF is not listed)
2) Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream with SPF 30 PA++

Eye Make-up
1) Marie Beauty Eye Cream false eyelash adhesive
2) Darkness glue for false eyelashes
3) PALz brand false eyelash adhesive
4) Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black
5) Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Color Palette in GY-1 (greys)
6) KATE by Kanebo gel eyeshadow in BR-2 (brown), WT-1 (white) and BG-1 (blue-green)
7) Lioele Real Stick Eyeshadow #4 Olive Drab (warm shimmery green)
8) False eyelashes from Ardell in #125 & Girls Aloud Lashes by Kimberly Walsh
UPDATE on 4 June, 2011:
9) CANMAKE ShimmerJelly Eyes in 02 Sugar Milk Tea, 03 Strawberry Parfait and 04 Frozen Melon

1) CANMAKE Cream Cheek in 01 (light peach pink), 06 (nutty brown) and 07 (warm pink)

1) Candy Doll Lipstick in OC, Vanilla Beige (nude)

Quite the haul huh? and look so much better with a good smile, next post i will give you tooth fairy guide of tips on whitening your teeth and taking care of them from home.

Quick reviews/comments
I’ve got something to say about My Beauty Diary masks as well as some Love More masks I’ve tried… mostly bad experiences. Both MBD masks felt itchy and stinging on my skin (I gave away 2 of the Platinum Nanocolloid masks cos it felt so stinging on my skin and I suspected it caused 2 hugeass pimples afterwards). While the Love More Provence Lavender and Rose Crystal & Tourmaline aren’t so bad, they started feeling a bit uncomfy after a while (I can’t sleep with the mask on my face overnight). Nothing much to say about the Silk Whitia one, it just felt uncomfortable throughout.

Though the best experience I had was with the Love More Provence Lavender that prompted me to buy a whole box but I’m kinda regretting this now… It’s come to a point where I dare to put an eye mask on my eyes, but not a face mask for fear of it breaking me out and feeling just itchy and uncomfortable. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t classify my skin as sensitive… That’s why I don’t dare to buy a whole box of 5 face masks, I need to try a new mask sheet by sheet.

Eye-mask wise, the Watsons Lingzhi one had a tad brightening effect but I didn’t like the smell. I really like the SHILLS EX Peptide Lifting Eye Mask, look out for a review on it soon!

Some of the make-up boo-boos would have to be the Marie Beauty Eye Cream (works well but smells vile), Palz eyelash adhesive (same formula as DUO adhesive but takes many tries to stick well), KATE by Kanebo in BG-1 (I really wanted to like this but unfortunately it doesn’t look like a blue-green on the skin, just shimmery white/silver), CANMAKE Cream Cheek in 01 (too light so doesn’t show up well on my skin) and 06 (still not sure whether this works better as a cheek contour or blusher) and the Candy Doll in Vanilla Beige (cannot be worn on its own, will look like a corpse; can still be salvaged when mixed with another lip colour).

The hits would have to be the KATE gel eyeshadow in BR-2 (really love this, I’m glad I got this!), Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black (downside is you can’t leave the stuff in its brush cos the brush will turn hard & it will hurt to use it on the eyes, not sure if it’s cos the liner contains glass?) and Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Color Palette in GY-1 (the pigment goes on well but the powders look hard in the display testing pans so still kinda tentative about rating this) for now!

I haven’t tried the Darkness glue, my Lioele Triple Solution BB cream, the last 9 facial masks in the list above, my KATE gel eyeshadow in WT-1, and all my CANMAKE ShimmerJelly Eyes but I can’t wait! (I’m having high hopes for both BB creams, the Darkness glue and the CANMAKE ShimmerJelly Eyes!)

Which would you like to see reviews on? 😉

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