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Judy Lin 林叶亭 from 女人我最大 (Lady First) WAS HERE!


Heylo, everyone (whoever’s reading)… sorry for my long absence from the blogosphere! Been seeing to some personal matters in the interim, which explains the lack of updates.

Apologies to Beauty Bistro and thank you for your kind patience & understanding, for this overdue blog entry!

Ok, let’s get to it, shall we?

Judy Lin 林叶亭 graced Singapore with her lovely, charming presence

Over the weekend of 24–26 June just over a month ago, Beauty Bistro had flown celebrity beauty & fashion stylist Judy Lin 林叶亭 from popular Taiwan beauty talk show 女人我最大 (Lady First) to Singapore, to share coveted beauty tips & tricks using Taiwan SHILLS products, at various venues like Jurong Point, Tampines 1, BHG Bugis and Guardian @ NEX.

The event was jointly sponsored by Debio Singapore Pte Ltd (which owns Beauty Bistro), John Little (for Jurong Point), Sasa Cosmetics (for Tampines 1), BHG and Guardian Health & Beauty (I always thought they were called Guardian Pharmacy).

Opening event @ Jurong Point, 24 June 2011

I’m sure Judy 老师 touched down to a very warm welcome from the Jurong Point audience on the first day of the 7 show line-up over the 3-day event!

Apparently, Jurong Point was the hottest location among the four, perhaps due to the high traffic of the mall, as well as the setup that allowed a lot more people to mill around and watch Judy 老师 in action.

Here are some snapshots of the show at Jurong Point, 24 Jun, 6–7 pm:

Lucky male volunteer who got up close & personal with Judy 老师 as she attempted to show how SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT could slim his arm by at least 2 cm!

Whitening segment, where Judy 老师 is about to wield her magic massage technique with her precious piece of jade on this young lady!

Judy 老师 performs 刮痧 (gua sha), a massage technique she herself uses on her face daily for a firmer, lifted facial appearance while emcee Nick explains on the side.

Judy tops off the whitening segment with SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask, which is perfect for this scorching weather to get that soothing, hydrating facial treat!

Bloggers’ Event at Tampines 1, Jun 25, 12 pm & 3 pm

This was the event I attended, so I’ll talk more about each individual segment of the show and the SHILLS products Judy 老师 used.

I had helped Beauty Bistro coordinate with the 50 bloggers who’d RSVPed for either or both shows (though we sent invites to about 100 bloggers), with about 25 seats per show specially for the bloggers directly in front of the stage. Besides getting to see Judy Lin 老师 in person and learn from her secrets of looking youthful well into her 40s, the lovely beauty bloggers walked away with a goodie bag each of two SHILLS products of their choice!

Some of the luckier bloggers were volunteers for the slimming, hair volumising, skin whitening, pore clarifying or anti-aging segments, so they also walked away with the SHILLS products Judy Lin 林叶亭老师 used on them in her demonstrations.

Chosen beauty bloggers like Michelle NK, Vivian, Irene Octoviani Tan, Yvonne and Jenny from Beaute Runway (click their links for their interview blog posts) had an extra half-hour for an interview with Judy 老师 during her break between the Tampines 1 shows.

Slimming segment, Tampines 1, 25 Jun, 12 pm

Slimming is a biggie (pun intended) among ladies in Singapore. With the increasingly sedentary lifestyles led by most women working in offices, coupled with long working hours and demands of family, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to carve out regular time, and not to mention, energy for exercise. Stress also has a way of shuttling fat to the middle, thanks to cortisol.

In comes SHILLS with innovative products like newly improved formulations of already-popular SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT and ANOSA Fit Patch (formerly called ANOSA Slim Patch).

SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT (click link on the left to read more) is a slimming cream that works best when massaged with an anti-cellulite roller (Judy 老师 recommends massaging while watching TV) and slim wrapped, as it contains L-Carnitine that breaks down stubborn cellulite, 157% more caffeine (than the previous formulation) and Peruvian Uncaria Tomentosa to firm and tighten skin, with soy isoflavones for improved skin elasticity, Vitamin C for whitening, among other beneficial ingredients.

Here, Ms Judy Lin 老师 demonstrates with lovely beauty blogger Vivian how to maximise slimming using SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT with SHILLS Miracle-Lift Anti-Cellulite Roller as well as slim wrapping:

Post-slim-wrapping with SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT on the spot revealed a circumference loss of at least 2 cm! It was amazing!

ANOSA Fit Patch (click link on the left to read more) is an improved formulation of the previous ANOSA Slim Patch, containing 105% more L-Carnitine (for greater slimming results), evening primrose oil, borage oil, caffeine, raspberry & strawberry extracts (for skin tightening & firming), and comes in large pieces that can be cut to custom strips to fit around the navel, or even applied in a criss-cross manner on your arm, for 6–8 hours per use or overnight, like so:

Lucky guy gets to walk away with a box of ANOSA Fit Patch, which he’ll most likely pass to his girlfriend offstage *wink*! 😛

At the event, the slimming bundle that included the SHILLS Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control HOT, ANOSA Fit Patch, with a FREE GIFT of the SHILLS Miracle-Lift Anti-Cellulite Roller, sold at a special price of S$69.90 (UP: S$88.80). From what I heard, this slimming bundle was a real hit with the shoppers at the event!

Hair Volumising segment, Tampines 1, 25 Jun, 12 pm

I, for one, am hopeless with doing up my own hair. Ms Judy Lin’s reputation as a hair guru precedes her, although she represents the epitome of beauty, be it her skin, figure, fashion, or hairstyle. It’s no wonder most of us couldn’t wait for her hair demo segments of her 7 shows, and many bloggers had volunteered for their hair to be personally done up by the guru Judy 老师 herself!

Lucky dude who gets to go onstage again for his hair to be “tousled” by The Guru ;):

Here, Judy Lin 老师 was using SHILLS Dust It (click on left link to read more about it) which is a miracle volumising powder that helps you create up to 3 times your normal hair volume with its strong hold, long-lasting power and non-sticky finish for light-as-air hair! I personally thought powder was a novel medium to style hair with; I mean I’ve heard of powder shampoo and all that, but not really a powder styling product. I honestly think such a product would be good for oily hair/scalp. This product is especially suitable even for guys who like what I call “debonair hair” 😉

Final result:

Judy also worked on a lady volunteer that day, using the other 2 hair products in the hair volumising series: SHILLS Magical Hair Volumiser with Camellia Extracts and SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximising Hair Volume Spray:

SHILLS Magical Hair Volumiser with Camellia Extracts (click on the left link to read more) smooths and protects your hair, restoring hair strength and vitality. What’s more, it contains rich vitamins like Vitamin B5, nutrients and herbal ingredients that help regulate excess scalp oil, with excellent antibacterial properties as well.

SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximising Hair Volume Spray‘s non-sticky, humidity-resistant formula helps you create beautiful bouffant hair, without collapsing. It can be used on top of other hair products to enhance their effectiveness. How cool is that?!

All three hair products SHILLS Dust It, SHILLS Magical Hair Volumiser with Camellia Extracts and SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximising Hair Volume Spray were sold in a bundle set with free gifts of SHILLS Henna Shampoo & Conditioner at a special price of S$49.80 at the Judy Lin event, but now this set is retailing at S$74.70. Click here to order if you’re keen!

Skin Whitening segment, Tampines 1, 25 Jun, 12 pm

On to the final segment of the 12 pm show—something most women weaned on a media diet of how beauties should have fair, flawless skin would be keen to know! After all, Judy Lin 林叶亭老师 is the perfect ambassador for skin care; she might not be the fairest around, but she certainly doesn’t have any pigmentation or freckle problems that some of us younger than her already face! Moreover, her skin still looks supple, radiant, lifted… in other words, simply young.

Beauty Bistro had just launched SHILLS whitening series in Singapore, consisting of SHILLS WHITE Anti-Dark Spot Whitening Serum, SHILLS WHITE EX Whitening & Brightening Cream, as well as SHILLS SPF 42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation 21, so it was the perfect time to demonstrate the efficacy of these products on our lovely beauty blogger Wendy:

(Above) Kicking off the whitening regime with SHILLS WHITE Anti-Dark Spot Whitening Serum, which contains active ingredient Tranexamic Acid that inhibits melanin formation, to lighten pigmentation or age spots, reduce dullness of skin and even skin tone.

(Above) Judy 老师 about to apply SHILLS WHITE EX Whitening & Brightening Cream that contains melanin-inhibiting Tranexamic Acid, whitening ingredient Arbutin, grapeseed extract, chamomile extract and liquorice extract, all with anti-aging properties.

(Above) Judy 老师 slathering on SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask, which is a perfect cooling, refreshing facial treat that also leaves your skin hydrated, smoother and fairer!

(Above) Judy 老师 verifying a decrease in skin temperature after removing the SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask.

(Above) Emcee Nick also had the SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask applied on his face, and his skin indeed registered a boost in hydration levels, as indicated by the skin moisture meter afterwards!

(Above) The last step in the skin whitening regime would be to apply SHILLS SPF 42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation 21 to continue the skin whitening, repair & hydration process, together with the essential benefits of sun protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, in a natural foundation base. The product comes in a compact that can be turned and locked tightly to keep out moisture.

Pore Clarifying segment, Tampines 1, 25 Jun, 3 pm

After a break for Ms Judy 林叶亭 during which she also had an interview session with selected bloggers, Judy 老师 returned for the 3 pm session which featured a slimming segment similar to the one during the 12 pm show (so I won’t be talking about it again), a pore clarifying segment and finally an anti-aging segment to round off her Tampines 1 shows on 25 June 2011.

I have personal interest in the pore clarifying segment. I don’t have weight woes, nor serious pigmentation issues, and while my hairstyling skills are lacking, they don’t really bug me as much as my comedo-prone skin which is still susceptible to pimples especially during the time of the month.

You can tell it’s a blogger event when the ladies work their cameras furiously 😛

Lovely blogger Carol was the chosen volunteer for this pore clarifying segment. As you can see, she’s got a black mask, called the SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Mask applied on her T-zone, after having had the SHILLS Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener removed beforehand to soften the blackheads & whiteheads prior to masking.

Time to remove the peel-off black mask from bottom up, and see all the sebum, blackheads and whiteheads extracted onto the black mask itself! Remember to close up your pores with SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner after extraction, to ensure pores stay small and fine.

Another beauty blogger Verlyn was also invited onstage for the pore clarifying demo. Do click on her name to read her blog entry.

Finally, to top off the daily regime, Judy 老师 showed everyone how to even dull skin tone and further reduce pore size with a black charcoal sheet mask SHILLS Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask Sheet:

Of all the skin care, hair & slimming bundle sets on offer during the Judy Lin 林叶亭 event that weekend, I was really keen on the pore clarifying bundle set, as it seemed to work really miraculously on the volunteers during the demo! I mean, all those comedones extracted as proof on the black peel-off mask that was being passed around and the look of satisfaction on Carol’s face after the charcoal mask was removed: see it here!

I was sold. Best part is? It’s still on offer today! Hop on over here if you’re keen on getting the entire pore clarifying set of SHILLS Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener, SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Mask and SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner at only S$49.90 instead of the usual price of S$67.30. Unfortunately, the FREE GIFT that came with the set, which was the SHILLS Black Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask Sheet, was only available during the event itself.

Skin Anti-aging segment, Tampines 1, 25 Jun, 3 pm

FINALLY, we come to the closing segment of the show—the anti-aging segment! It’ll eventually be of interest to me LOL, but this new range launched by Beauty Bistro at the event is recommended for ladies from early thirties onwards, as aging starts then.

Prior to demonstrating the SHILLS Pure Gold Miracle Anti-Aging Series, lovely Sharon had to remove her make-up using the series’ signature SHILLS 8hrs Moisture Cleansing Oil containing NO MINERAL OIL, only natural botanical ingredients that mimic our facial sebum like olive oil, jojoba oil, etc PLUS the series’ luxurious signature nano gold particles for anti-aging.

In the pic above, Judy 老师 explaining the benefits of SHILLS Skin Recovery Essence, which contains nano gold particles, collagen, cactus extract, chamomile extract, Vitamin E, etc for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, giving you supple, radiant and hydrated skin! Below, Judy 老师 let Sharon try the SHILLS Skin Recovery Essence on her hand before applying on her face:

The anti-aging regime is then completed with lightweight SHILLS Skin Renewal Cream, containing deep-penetrating nano gold particles that combat aging, plus seaweed collagen, Vitamin E, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil etc, that work together to firm and calm delicate skin, so that you wake up to baby smooth skin every morning!

All in all, it was a really informative and eye-opening experience, to watch 女人我最大 (Lady First)’s Taiwan celebrity beauty & fashion guru Judy Lin 林叶亭 in her element onstage, dishing out her secret red-carpet tips to “commoners” (ok lah beauty bloggers are not considered commoners) like you and me. She was definitely inspiring to watch, and to emulate! If only we can all look like her in our forties… at least she left behind some golden (pun intended) beauty nuggets for us all to nibble and act on for our benefit!

Thank you Beauty Bistro for all the hard work behind the event, and for this awesome opportunity granted to all beauty bloggers, including me!

I’ll leave you with some more pictures at the Jurong Point event (slimming segment) later the same day, 25 Jun, 6 pm:

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And do check out Beauty Bistro’s online store: they are currently having a S$4.60 (choose a Sguard Rock-On Mascara from Japan or QB Ladies 7day Deodorant Cream) National Day promotion for any regular item purchased. Offer ends 29 Aug 2011!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed attending the event and learning firsthand from Ms Judy Lin Ye Ting 林叶亭 herself! Have a great weekend ahead 😀

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