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Review: DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30

Luminous Skin with Luminance Loose Powder

Hellooooo!! As promised, here’s a review on a loose powder from Taiwanese SHILL’s sister brand, DOT-DOT, called DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30.

As you can already tell, this makeup finishing powder is special because it has sunscreen protection in it, Sun Protection Factor 30, to be exact! Awesome, if you ask me.

Here’s how the packaging looks like:

The teal butterfly that you see in front is actually detachable and can be used as a mobile phone ornament. I think that’s a really cool idea to incorporate into a cosmetic product, as gals tend to like to dangle pretty things on their cell phones as well πŸ˜›

Click above photo to enlarge for the full ingredient list. This product contains mica, which lends an instant glow and radiance to your skin by reflecting light.

Click to read the description of this product.

The cartoon of an Elizabethan princess with those curly goldilocks is too cute to resist!

Let’s get to the review proper.

Here’s a Before photo, after applying BB cream:

I usually dispense some powder onto a piece of tissue paper before using a brush or puff to apply. This loose powder comes in one shade only. As you can see here, the colour of this loose powder is of skin tone:

You can use a powder brush or the velour puff provided to apply the loose powder after foundation or BB cream. Just remember to tap off any excess powder before applying.

Here’s how I look after applying DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 (please forgive my “blah” expression), with the Before & After photos (left & right respectively) side by side:

As you can see, DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 makes my skin look more matte and less shiny, and tones down the “white-ness” of my face due to the BB cream/foundation. Now the colour of my face matches my neck more closely.

My verdict?

Overall, I think DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 does a good job of what a loose powder should do.

I like the fact that it doesn’t make my face look pasty white, and the powder itself doesn’t feel too chalky or talc-like (if you get what I mean) but feels soft & finely milled.

I love the fact that it’s kind to my acne-prone pores and doesn’t break me out (probably the most important consideration for me)! πŸ™‚

I am not sure whether it keeps my face matte all day long, but it does give me a semi-dewy finish after a few hours of wear which I personally like. I happen to prefer a dewy face to a super matte face, but that’s just me πŸ˜›

Let’s not forget the added benefit of the SPF 30! πŸ˜€

Scent-wise, it has quite a luxurious scent to it that may be strong for some, but I’ve looked at the ingredients and checked Beauty Bistro’s description of this product, and it says that this loose powder is oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and does not contain any artificial colouring. I’m impressed!

Here’s a complete make-up look using DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30:

DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 retails at S$29.90 from Beauty Bistro.

Do remember to ‘Like’ Beauty Bistro’s Facebook page and follow Beauty Bistro on Twitter for promotions and updates!

Next up will be a review on an eyebrow pencil so keep your eyes peeled on this page! πŸ™‚

2 comments to Review: DOT-DOT White Luminance Sunscreen Powder SPF 30

  • Azy

    You look gorgeous in the complete make up pic! I love the lashes! Mascara or falsies?
    Btw is this powder oil-free?

  • Louisa Koh

    Hey dear, thank u for the wonderful compliments! It’s definitely falsies haha… my eyelashes are too sparse for even mascara to salvage! I’m using Star Lash DA3 for the upper lashes, and Dolly Wink’s No. 5 Real Nude for the bottom lashes.

    Yes this loose powder is oil free! Are u keen on it? If u r let me know, I can get for u at a discount! πŸ™‚

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