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Review: SHILLS Electric Eyes Concealer Cream

Hello lovelies! *wave*

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a proper review. So today, I’m gonna review a concealer from Taiwanese brand SHILLS called SHILLS Electric Eyes Concealer Cream:

I’m loving the design of the packaging, which reminds me of vintage pin-up girls (kinda like Benefit), with a compact mirror inside to boot! It’s actually very handy and fits snugly in my palm.

Ingredients are listed on the back of the box (click above photo to enlarge) and the 12M in the little container graphic above the “Made in Taiwan” label shows how long you should use this product after opening it: 12 months!

This concealer contains skin hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and anti-ageing Vitamin E & gingko extract. Gingko is also known for its revitalising, stimulating and firming properties, giving skin a healthier, rosy and more youthful look.

Very promising product!

Electric Eyes, Electric Youth

I use this mainly on my undereye area, as one of my main beauty woes are dark undereye circles. I personally prefer to use a concealer brush rather than my fingers to dab the cream onto my undereye area. DO NOT drag the brush over the skin as the product will separate into ugly uneven lines.

As you can see after concealing my right undereye (on your left), my right undereye area looks noticeably brighter than my left eye (on your right) which has a dark ring underneath:

One thing I’ve noted about this concealer also is that it tends to have peachy rather than yellow undertones to it.

If I’m not wrong, peach toned makeup bases compensate for bluish-purplish bruising or dark undereye circles, even out skin discolorations, and help brighten dull-looking skin.

Other colour correctors like green for example corrects skin redness, while yellow corrects uneven skin tone.

Cream concealers offer better coverage than liquid concealers, as I’ve found. No matter how raved a liquid concealer may be, the fact that it’s liquid in texture just means it cannot beat its cream counterpart in covering up as well.

The same rule applies for liquid vs. cream foundations.

Here’s how I look with the SHILLS Electric Eyes Concealer Cream on both undereye areas in slightly different lighting (the left pic is with natural lighting from the sun, while the right pic is with yellow light from my dresser shining directly at my face):

SHILLS Electric Eyes Concealer Cream retails at S$22.90 from Beauty Bistro.

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Next up will be a review on a loose powder so stay tuned! 🙂

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