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Besides exasperating her parents to no end, she loves experimenting with new make-up looks, uncovering the best make-up & skin care products, modelling for herself before the camera, singing at the top of her lungs (with preferably no one to hear it), and writing whatever, whenever (as you can already tell).


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Makiyo for Sophie Monk in town tomorrow!

Hi my beauties! Gotta apologise for the LOOOONNNG absence…. I’m hoping to blog more regularly from now on at least!

Anyways, my post today is really about what’s happening tomorrow:

Celebrated singer, actress and TV personality Makiyo, and spokesperson for beauty brand Sophie Monk, will be here in SINGAPORE tomorrow!

In fact, she’ll be at Guardian Pharmacy (Ngee Ann City) tomorrow (4 November 2011), 7 pm, to share her ideas about beauty, her beauty regime and how Sophie Monk works so beautifully for her.

You gotta be there if you wanna learn how to get her flawless skin:

Now that the eye candy’s out of the way, let’s talk about Sophie Monk.

To be honest, I’ve not tried this brand of skin care myself. I’ve seen it in Guardian Pharmacy on various occasions, and its packaging looks very feminine and alluring, from what I can remember. Here’s a little bio about the skin care brand:

Sophie Monk celebrates beauty in women and is fronted by Japanese/Taiwanese celebrity, Makiyo. Its R&D and cute packaging puts it at the forefront of beauty solutions for young ladies wanting beauty, offering solutions for dry skin, acne through a comprehensive and tightly-edited selection of whitening, hydrating, anti-acne products as well as hydrating masks. Sophie Monk retails at all Guardian pharmacies in Singapore.

What TOMORROW’s Gotta Do With Makiyo & Sophie Monk, Really?

If you’re a fan of Makiyo, you can’t pass up this chance tomorrow at Ngee Ann City, Guardian Pharmacy! Simply make a purchase of $50 or more of Sophie Monk products at the event to get her autograph and if you want to take a photo with her, spend $100 or more on Sophie Monk products!

You won’t regret it cos apparently, Sophie Monk is currently loved by models and celebrities in Taiwan and Japan in need of whitening solutions!

Still not quite convinced? Here’s more info on Sophie Monk:

Sophie Monk’s revolutionary formula with natural botanical extracts intercept amped up melanin production and acts like a cluster-buster to remove discoloration and restore clarity that the skin deserves.

Strawberry (like mmmmm….) is a very central ingredient to the products. There is a beautiful, natural scent to it; add to the fact that facial masks and products containing strawberry extracts impart such an amazing glow when applied to the skin.

Retailing in Singapore now are the following ranges:

1. Whitening range

2. Hydrating range

3. Anti–Acne range

4. Strawberry Facial Masks & Little Twin Stars Masks
a. Green Mask Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask (contact ear hooks and extra sheet for neck)
b. Purple – Whitening Double Lifting
c. Yellow – V-Shaped Double Lifting Mask
d. Blue – Hydrating Double Lifting Mask

There’s something for every skin type and every skin need! Don’t take my word for it; get down to Guardian Pharmacy at Ngee Ann City tomorrow, 4 Nov, 7 pm to find out for yourself ok?

For more information on Sophie Monk, do visit their website at www.sophiemonk.cc now!

Photograph, poster and information courtesy of Publicist PR Communications


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