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Bio-Oil: Improves scars, stretch marks & uneven skin tone like no other

First of all, I must apologise for my long hiatus from blogging. Since my last post where I promised to blog about a series of products, I got caught up in a whirl of activity, including being a makeup muse for a male MUA friend, a spate of writing jobs, helping to edit all of Beauty Bistro‘s product descriptions for their revamped website and then a 4-month contract writing job…

ANYWAY. That was not the point of this post.

I apologise to the Bio-Oil (more info here) people from Access Communications, who invited me down for a cosy tea at their office in mid-September last year (IKR), when it was just launched in Singapore:

(Look at the cute Bio-Oil cupcakes! *gush*)

But, in my defence, it’s better late than never right? *wink*

Bio-Oil’s Like Soul Food For Your Skin

Do you know why Bio-Oil is just like a wholesome salve that’s so good for your skin?

It’s chock-full of skin-nourishing nutrients like Vitamins A & E, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and chamomile oil!

Click on the photo below to enlarge & see how these natural herbs can benefit your skin and making you look better, including the use of other methods like lash lifts that improve the looks of eyes in general.

Not to mention, Vitamin A helps improve skin elasticity, texture and tone. It increases the thickness of the epidermis and helps promote the formation of new collagen. In this way, it exhibits anti-ageing properties.

Vitamin E is known for increasing the moisture content of the epidermis, making the skin softer, smoother and more supple.

The lovely ladies at Access Communications also offered me tea, from a choice of calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile:

While I sat there sipping delightful tea, the ladies took me through a placard presentation of Bio-Oil and explained to me how it can help problem skin like ageing skin, dehydrated skin, scars, stretch marks AND uneven skin tone.

Bio-Oil, THE Lightweight Oil

First and foremost, how do you create just the right base and delivery system for your amazing ingredients?

But honestly, who wants a miracle skin oil that feels sticky, oily and eugh?

Here, I was given pure Vitamin E oil from a broken capsule to spread on my hand. And forgive the poor resolution of the right photo (although you can definitely see how shiny and greasy-looking it is), but I can tell you it certainly felt sticky and tacky, not something you’d like to feel on your face or body:

Bio-Oil‘s ingenious solution to this problem is their ultimate delivery agent:

Which is called Purcellin OilTM, their breakthrough ingredient:

Please click below photo to enlarge and see how Purcellin OilTM fits in the mix of awesome ingredients that make up Bio-Oil:

Here’s the evidence (you can see it’s a lot less shiny and greasy, as it’s better and more easily absorbed into the skin):

So how does Bio-Oil help your skin woes?

Now, let’s take a look at how this lightweight Bio-Oil does some serious heavy lifting in terms of improving scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone:

Wow! Impressive statistics from clinical trials! That’s like saying you can be at least 90% sure that your scars will improve in 8 weeks, 100% sure for your stretch marks and 93% sure for your uneven skin tone (in 6 weeks)!

More on how Bio-Oil improves scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone:

Yes, indeed, Bio-Oil can be safely used during pregnancy for the prevention of stretch marks and has been for the last 20 years!

Of course, it’s also good for dehydrated skin (thanks to the Vitamin E) and ageing skin (thanks to Vitamin A, which is widely used as retinol in anti-ageing formulations) on both your face and body:

So how do you use it in order to reap the benefits as seen in the clinical trials? Here’s how:

I’ve asked Access Communications a few questions, and was advised that Bio-Oil should be used on clean skin, before moisturiser (if you use a moisturiser for your face or body) or routine skin care products, to prevent anything from blocking its absorption.

Also, since everyone has a different skin type, results will differ from individual to individual. Hence, although most test subjects reported improvement in as little as 8 weeks, the recommended usage is twice daily for at least 3 months for good results.

Here’s the full list of ingredients, as well as directions for application during pregnancy (start only from second trimester onwards):

And just in case you’re wondering if it’ll clog your pores, or irritate your sensitive skin, Bio-Oil has undergone various tests to ensure it’s non-acnegenic/non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin:

Originated and manufactured in South Africa, this specialist skincare oil was launched in 1987 and has grown to become the global leader in improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone over the last 20 years.

In fact, Bio-Oil has won 69 skincare awards and is the:

Today, Bio-Oil is the product most recommended by doctors for scars and stretch marks in New Zealand and South Africa and is the product most recommended by pharmacists for scars and stretch marks in the UK, Australia and South Africa. Many doctors and pharmacists around the world also recommend Bio-Oil as their first choice for scars and stretch marks.

So now, you can finally bid good riddance to your skin woes like:

And Did You Know?

Bio-Oil can also be used in many other ways, as others have found:


  • An all-over body treatment
  • A massage oil
  • A bath oil


  • A daily moisturiser
  • An eye cream
  • A lip balm

Hair and scalp

  • A scalp massage oil
  • A “hot-oil” hair treatment

Hands and feet

  • For rough, hard heels and cracked elbows
  • A nail and cuticle nourishing oil

Amazing isn’t it? It’s truly an eye-opener!

I rounded off our tea session nibbling on the cute Bio-Oil cupcakes:

BUT I didn’t go home empty-handed, because the lovely ladies at Access Communications sent me off with a first-aid kit, containing a bottle of Bio-Oil, an antiseptic hand rub, a box of plasters, and some calendula tea leaves:

Once again, thank you ladies at Access Communications for the wonderful & educational tea session, as well as the first-aid kit!

I won’t be reviewing Bio-Oil though, as my usage has been sporadic at best, so I can’t provide a meaningful review based on its recommended twice-daily, three-month use. At least not for now.

Although, I must add, I personally like that it’s non-greasy, yet still works as an oil especially post-waxing on legs, to remove the sticky strip wax residue effortlessly. I find it to be a great moisturiser for the dry skin on my legs too.

You can get a 60-ml bottle of Bio-Oil (there’s only the small sized bottle in Singapore) for $15.50 from pharmacies like Guardian, Watsons, Unity and Robinsons & Metro.

For more information, you can log on to Bio-Oil’s website or fill up the contact form page here.

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