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Review: SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer With Camellia Extracts

Hallo peeps! I’m back! This time, I’m going to review a hair product from Beauty Bistro called SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts (click picture to enlarge):

Light, fresh spray that gives hair volume & styling support

This is an interesting product, in that it’s not a regular hair spray per se, but can be used on wet or dry hair, to provide hair with volume and support for styling.

If you’re anything like me, you’d often have bad hair days when your hair is flat & limp, not to mention problems with your hair holding any kind of style for long. Yeah, like this:

Enter SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts to the rescue (click to read the ingredients and directions for use):

Did I also mention that this product contains Vitamin B5, in addition to camellia extracts?

In any case, I asked my hairdresser friend to help me style my hair using SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts so that I could take photos that would do justice to the product.

(I mean, can you imagine trying to snap photos while styling my own hair? Yeah, yeah, I know, I can use the timer function blah blah blah but whatever.)

Letting the pictures do the talking

Here we go!

First, my hair was washed, so that it’s clean and damp, ready for the application of SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts:

If you’re loving my falsies, it’s from Beauty Bistro too! I’d be reviewing that very soon so look out for it, ok!

Next up, my hairdresser sprayed SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts at my hair roots, as stated in the directions for use on the bottle (scroll up for the pic):

My hairdresser twisted some of my hair strands together, after applying the SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts but before blow drying (gratuitous photo, I know):

Next up, blow dry the hair with a diffuser hair dryer for the best results:

Ta-daaah! Big hair just after blow drying:

My hairdresser continued to tease my hair this way and that after blow drying. The result:

Tamer, but still big hair:

And here’s what my hair looks like after some 5 hours:

Just in case you’ve forgotten what my hair actually looks like BEFORE using SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts, here are some before-after comparisons side by side:

Comparison 2:

And last one:

Impressive eh?

Feeling-wise, I thought SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts felt very lightweight and fresh, without any heaviness on my hair. Although you can definitely feel the difference in your hair, in that it’s stiffer, and thus able to hold volume and style better.

It smelt like green tea too, thanks to the camellia extracts (a great plus point), unlike those other hair sprays that smell totally chemical.

The label even says “Restores hair strength and vitality“. What’s there not to love? 😛

Before I go though, remember to check that your product has the SHILLS hologram, indicating its authenticity.

You can get SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer with Camellia Extracts from Beauty Bistro for just S$24.90.

With Beauty Bistro’s new reward point system, the more you buy, the more points you accumulate, which you can then redeem for products! So happy shopping y’all!


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