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Hologram manicure: OPI DS Diamond

Hallo lovelies! How is life treating you?

Today, I’m going to share another manicure of mine that’s picture-worthy. After the last one I posted, I did a green patchwork/checkers design but tired of it very quickly, then a fauxnad stamping design that I liked (chrome circles on a frosty taupe) but it wasn’t very well done, followed by this:

Look at the royal holo-ness in the bottle! It’s my first time seeing such a linear holo!

This holo baby is called OPI DS Diamond, from the OPI Designer Series (hence DS), which used to feature lovely holo polishes like Original, Divine, Exclusive, Sapphire, etc. I happened to see another blogger post this recently, and found that Nail Vibe SG still had stock, so of course I had to buy!

Here’s a look at my left hand holding the OPI DS Diamond bottle

From both photos above, you can see the strong linear holo in the bottle itself. Compared to the other 2 OPI DS polishes I own, namely Extravagance and Indulgence, this had the strongest linear holo and it blew me away!

All the photos were taken with flash, which brings me to the only pet peeve I have about this polish and colour: If it’s not under strong direct lighting, this is the colour that you will most likely see:

This is the colour you get without flash (not under strong or direct lighting)

It’s a dusty mid-toned lilac, darker than I thought it would be, judging from the bottle. Sometimes it had a bit of an “old” look to it (when the holo is not showing), but I tend to be quite harsh on the colours that go on my nails lately somehow, so other than that, I really love this polish!

A closer look at the holo on the thumb

Formula-wise, it was great, like how most OPI polishes go on. This is probably why the only nail posts I have so far feature OPI polishes, because the application goes on so smoothly. I used 2 coats for the OPI DS Diamond, on top of my Sally Hansen Double Duty base coat and below my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

A stronger holo captured by my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone camera

Some bloggers say you shouldn’t use a top coat after a holo polish, as it might scatter the holo or diminish it. In my case, I doubt it did, seeing how the holo is still quite strong, but maybe I should try it another time without the top coat and see how it fares in comparison.

The middle finger’s holo was a bit scattered due to my application that caused bubbles under the Seche Vite

However, somehow it didn’t last very long on me before it started to chip. Maybe it’s because I was using my nails a lot last week, packing a box to send off to Australia, but it started chipping 1-3 days later. Most of the polish was intact, it was only the tops of my right thumb, and my index fingers of both hands.

Intense linear holo on right hand

Beautiful, isn’t it? Nail Vibe SG is retailing this for S$17.

Before I leave you, I’ll post 2 more pictures of my current manicure and pedicure:

My manicure in Mavala Osaka (3 coats) and pedicure in OPI DS Extravagance

Here is my most recent mani and pedi, the former featuring 3 coats of Mavala Osaka (bought from Pink Beauty at Toa Payoh) with Sally Hansen Double Duty base coat and Seche Vite top coat, and pedi featuring OPI DS Extravagance (2 coats), again with SH base coat and SV top coat. You can see its scattered holo here; a lot of glorious beautiful micro holo glitter, but no linear holo like in OPI DS Diamond.

Featuring fauxnad stamping plates from Born Pretty Store and Konad special polish in Violet Pearl

My fauxnad plates used are m65 for the rose pattern on most fingernails, except for the ring fingernail, which I used m79 for. These plates are from Born Pretty Store, from a set of 16. I bought the Konad Special Polish in Violet Pearl to do the stamping on top of the Mavala Osaka base colour. Apologies for less-than-perfect stamping, as I am still in the midst of polishing up (pun intended) my stamping skills!

Would you like to see more konad/fauxnad stamping manicures or what we call konadicures/fauxnadicures? Let me know if you do! Give me a shoutout if you are reading please, so I know who you are!

Thank you for reading!

(Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated to Nail Vibe SG in any way, nor was I sponsored any products to do a review. I bought the product of my own accord.)

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