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Passion for Fashion, 7 Days a Week

Hello my lovelies, how are you keeping? 😉

Today I’d like to share some fashion buys I’ve made of late, since just before Chinese New Year this year, amounting to a week’s worth of outfits. I’ve been busy getting beautiful from head to toe, from ZALORA Singapore no less!

Future State

My shopping sprees on ZALORA Singapore all began innocently enough with not having had the time to shop for CNY clothes (*roll eyes* as usual). I had sworn off online shopping since my ill-fitting ASOS outfits and the sky-high price of sending them back to the UK for a refund.

But… but… I laid eyes on this Future State multi-coloured top with a surplice neckline and butterfly sleeves that set my heart aflutter. Anyone who knows me knows I have a weakness for surplice necklines and butterfly sleeves! So when Future State combined them, I was sold. 😛

Future State multi-coloured top

Many months later, I spied this lovely Paola maxi dress also from Future State on ZALORA, with butterfly sleeves and a surplice neckline no less, and I had to have it too. No regrets there! This dress, as well as a toga dress in a similar pattern, is still available on ZALORA so quick grab!

Future State Paola Short Sleeve Long Dress

As the neckline was a bit too revealing, I searched ZALORA for a brooch and found this lovely Chomel vintage gold brooch:

Chomel Vintage Gold Brooch & NCLA Flash Fete nail wraps

Isn’t it beautiful? I am totally lovin’ the entire bohemian-cum-nature theme of the dress, brooch, plus my NCLA Flash Fete nail wraps, also available on ZALORA!


My first foray into the brand EZRA by ZALORA was with this asymmetrical knit trapeze tank:

EZRA by ZALORA knit trapeze tank

Here’s a full-length look, where I paired it with River Island PVC leggings and Melissa heels:

EZRA knit trapeze tank

My next acquisition from EZRA was a pair of maxi dresses, which were going for SGD37 for both, and are still available on ZALORA:

EZRA maxi dress in Grey Melange

EZRA maxi dress in Enamel Blue

This maxi dress is also available in black, deep green and burgundy. Do note that the belts used to cinch the dresses are not included. The beige patent skinny belt on the Enamel Blue dress is from Mango and ZALORA though!


Of course, who could resist getting something from Mango since the label’s also available on ZALORA? 😉 I found myself falling for this cobalt blue V-neck dress (I think cobalt blue looks great against my skin tone):

Mango V-neck dress with patent skinny belt

Yes, the beige patent skinny belt is also from Mango! You can wear this dress in more than one way, and this is usually how I love to wear it out, cinched with a wide belt and paired with thin leggings:

Mango V-neck dress with leggings

I think part of the appeal of this dress for me is ‘cos of how much it reminds me of “The Boyfriend Shirt” style:

Mango V-neck dress as the boyfriend shirt


Looking pretty from head to toe means attention to detail, down to your earrings and accessories. Ain’t these fox head stud earrings from River Island & ZALORA, which retail for less than SGD5, cool (and not to mention, totally befitting the nature theme with the brooch and abalone-shell-print NCLA Flash Fete nail wraps):

River Island gold tone encrusted fox head stud earrings

Another look at the abalone-shell-print NCLA Flash Fete nail wraps:

NCLA Flash Fete nail wraps

And we end this fashion feature with the Melissa Spikes II iridescent peeptoe heels in Black/Chameleon from ZALORA (YES, finally a pair of Melissas to call my own):

Melissa Spikes II iridescent peeptoe heels in Black/Chameleon

This post wouldn’t be complete without a gratuitous selfie shot 😛

Gratuitous selfie

Hope you enjoyed this little fashion feature, that hopefully would spark some ideas on getting decked out from head to toe. Truly, you can find all you need to look beautiful from ZALORA, so what are you waiting for? 😉

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