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Chinese New Fleur Couture

It’s appalling how time flies by, isn’t it, without any mercy or regard for those of us who actually dread ageing?! πŸ˜› Chinese New Year came and went, and I realised I didn’t exactly follow my own advice in my previous blog post, which talked about pairing a ZALORA BASICS burgundy handkerchief hem top with black leggings.

But my fashion choices were close enough. In fact, I did wear that ensemble from my previous post for the Lunar New Year reunion dinner. It’s just that, we Chinese tend to believe that we should wear new clothes for the first day of the Lunar New Year, perhaps for auspicious reasons?

Practical & convenient solution

And so, armed with limited time (as I had a boatload of things to do to prepare for my sister, brother-in-law and nephew visiting over the holidays) and budget, I went online (AGAIN) to ZALORA to see if I could score at least a blouse or top that was stylish, affordable and NOT BLACK.

And I found this lovely floral top with butterfly sleeves (yep, my favourite) from the Future State label on ZALORA:

Future State Butterfly Sleeved Top

Last year, for CNY, it was Future State from ZALORA that saved the day too. This was the blouse I had procured from Future State for CNY in 2014:

Butterfly sleeved top with surplice neckline from Future State x ZALORA

That top remains one of my favourites to date, to pair with my black leggings that seem to mark my personal style these days. So how did I look with my CNY choice this year? (Click to enlarge photo below.)

Future State butterfly sleeved top, Mango biker leggings & Nine West heels, all from ZALORA

What I really liked about this Future State top was its fitted waist, the splash of CNY-friendly colours like hot pink, orange and neutrals (without having to go ang pao red), and the conservative neckline, which means I don’t have to wear a tube under it. Hurray! Of course, I have said before that I love, love, love butterfly sleeves! Here’s another look (click to enlarge photo):

Another look at ZALORA’s Future State top, Mango biker leggings & Nine West FARAWELL peeptoe heels

If you shop from ZALORA as much as I do, you’d really appreciate discounts or any form of ZALORA cashback. Recently, I stumbled upon one such site: ShopBack is a coupon and cashback site that collates the best promo codes to help you to save more, giving you cashback on top of that too! So gals, go forth and shop to your hearts’ content πŸ˜‰

Before I go, would just like to share a gratuitous selfie/makeup look that I did for CNY to go with my sartorial ensemble:

CNY makeup look to match my outfit

Happy shopping ladies! Will be back with more regular posts featuring nails soon so do stick around! πŸ˜€

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