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Time to get Juicy!

So I seem to be late in the game of getting decked out in plush velour tracksuits, but preparing to go to sub-20-degree-Celsius weather in Hong Kong earlier this year meant warmer togs. And I did think about working out when I was there, although it wasn’t meant to be because my nose was all stuffed up, and the trip was soooo short.

Anyhow, what inspired this sudden desire to get my hands on some Juicy Couture? I think this was a culmination of seeing Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) of Desperate Housewives, and then Hilda Suarez (Ana Ortiz) of Ugly Betty sitcoms looking so hot in their velour tracksuits… I started thinking, Was this a Latino thing?! (And you know I have a thing for Latino culture, language, songs, fashion & all :P)

Image of Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives set in Nov, 2009, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net

Ooh love this rich emerald green shade of velour tracksuit on Eva Longoria, courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip.net

A conversation later with my sis confirmed this, because she talked about J Lo with her signature velour tracksuit look (how could I not know something like this!):

J Lo donning a baggy tracksuit for Barclaycard British Summer Time Festival

It didn’t help that my previous workplace had a Juicy Couture outlet that I was always unwittingly walking by and wondering about those designer tracksuit prices…

So on one fine day, I decided to spend my lunch hour trying on some velour tracksuits. I picked out a royal blue tracksuit, after the salesgirl so kindly recommended my jacket and pants sizes:

I swear the middle finger was a Freudian slip reflecting my opinion of the price tag

This set was retailing for a whopping SGD337, even after discount! I went home and started doing my research on the USA website of Juicy Couture. I was signed up as a newsletter subscriber, so I was aware of the kinds of huge discounts the website was running from time to time.

A quick calculation helped me see that buying Juicy Couture directly from its USA website, and having it shipped via a forwarding company (vPost was my choice) would still be cheaper than buying from the outlet in Singapore. With that in mind, I took the plunge a coupla months ago!

Juicy Couture envelope with return shipping label and order form

In my mind, I told myself that for that kind of price tag, I’d better be able to choose a great colour that really complemented my skin tone. Something like a peacock teal, a sangria red-pink, or even cobalt blue… In the end, I opted for the Logo Velour Crystal Couture Westwood Jacket in S and Logo Velour Crystal Couture Zuma Pant in XS, both in peacock colour. I would’ve opted for a bootcut style pant, but they didn’t have the size and colour I wanted 🙁

The bill came up to SGD230 (USD156), with an additional SGD28+ for the vPost shipping. I ordered it on 22 Jan, and it arrived at the PopStation of my choice by 2 Feb!

My crystal velour Juicy Couture picks in peacock teal

I would have liked the jacket to fit more snugly, so I went back to the outlet to try a jacket in size XS, as well as the pants in both sizes XS and S. The only difference in the XS and S sizes of the jackets seemed to be in the length. They both fit nearly the same around my torso, with the XS being shorter in length, hitting my torso above the waist of the pants. I preferred the jacket to hit a little below the waistline of the pants so I think S was a better fit. I could wear both XS and S of the pants as well, but S was a little roomier around the butt and legs. I was worried that S would slip down if I decided to work out in it, as it was a drawstring elasticised waist. Hence it was an XS for me.

Juicy Couture crystal logo emblazoned across the pant leg

I don’t have a photo of the crystal logo emblazoned across the back of the jacket, but you get the idea. It’s so thrilling to be able to embody some Latina chic in my own very virgin set of Juicy Couture. My sister told me that Topshop was working with Juicy Couture to put out velour tracksuits, including a maroon (a colour I was hoping to get besides the teal) set which retails for GBP160 (hoodie) + GBP129 (joggers), putting the set at SGD500+! Ok that’s madness. I think I’m good for now.. Otherwise, like I said, sangria or cobalt blue (lazuli on the website) would be my next colour picks!

So go forth and juicy on, people xx

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