iAm: Louisa Koh

SHILLS Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray

A 30-something from sunny Singapore who's tried her hand at lots of things, such as selling skin care & make-up, working in a (boring) corporate setting, trying to carve a singing career, giving private tuition, being a fitness instructor, writing/editing etc...

Besides exasperating her parents to no end, she loves experimenting with new make-up looks, uncovering the best make-up & skin care products, modelling for herself before the camera, singing at the top of her lungs (with preferably no one to hear it), and writing whatever, whenever (as you can already tell).


louisa [at] louisakoh [dot] com

Review: SHILLS EX Peptide Lifting Eye Mask

Hallloooo my lovelies, today I’m going to review a skin care product—an eye mask from SHILLS:

I’m probably the best candidate for an eye mask review, ‘cos to be honest, my eyes are in serious need of rescuing! Ever since my chronic allergic conjunctivitis started 13 years ago, my poor eyes have […]

Recent Beauty Hauls

I bought quite a number of beauty products over the last coupla months, so I thought I’d organise my thoughts & purchases aloud here:

Facial/Eye Masks 1) Silk Whitia Hanfang Moisture Hydrating Mask (1 sheet) 2) My Beauty Diary (MBD) Natto masks (3 sheets) 3) MBD Platinum Nanocolloid masks (3 sheets) 4) Love More […]

SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Toner Review

Stop and Smell The Roses

I’ve always had this long-time love affair with rose water toning lotions. Ever since I was first introduced to one when I took a deportment course in my teenage years, I’ve loved how it smelt and felt on my skin.

Fast-forward some 18 years later, my 30-something skin is […]

Beauty Bistro’s Facebook Friday, 4 Mar 2011 ONLY

BeautyBistro.com’s Facebook Friday Deals: Get SHILLS Peptide Lifting Eye Mask (7 pairs) for ONLY $12.90 (Usual price: $19.90) TODAY!

Hate the dark circles, fine lines and dull skin around your eyes? Do you wish you could do something—anything!—to get rid of them, once and for all? Here’s your golden opportunity.